December 6, 2013

As a targeted person I have presently surmised that many of the mass murders in the United States are a direct result of Organized Stalking campaigns. 

The crime is authority driven and meant to destroy the life of the target as well as condition the individuals around the target to conform and accept criminal dictates from the authorities. The crime is systemic, using illegal means by the government to eavesdrop and spy on their victim.  The target is singled out by the state and local police as well as the fire department; overall institutions that are respected and admired by the majority of citizens.  These people view themselves as being included and not used for any nefarious reason due to their systematic conditioning to obey authority.  The targeted person is selected for a reason by the state. Some of those reasons may include witnessing a crime by non-civilians, outspoken political behavior and personal vendettas.  The police, through the abuse of their authority, create a consitently hostile environment that leaves the targeted person isolated, unemployed and degraded throughout the community leaving the targeted person in a virtual prison, watched on a 24 hour basis with no means to resolve their situation. They often manage to have the targeted person locked in a psychiatric ward and manipulate the staff to harass and prescribe false diagnosis through the incessant abuse of their authority.  The authorities can convince these civilians to be lackeys for all types of criminal behavior up to and including murder. These civilian lackeys think it's not a psychotic means to an ends but more a patriotic conclusion or a final solution.  

I am a targeted person under these conditions due to the fact that I witnessed a crime and cover up by the police in Philadelphia. As a result I learned the corruption in the government is systemic, stemming from the federal government into the state and local.  It's so profound that the machinations of a police state now exist within the United States of America.  The National Security Association, NSA, has enabled an invisible empire to watch, eavesdrop, record and track any and all U.S. citizens.  They use facts gathered by their eavesdropping to initiate a psychological attack that pushes either the targeted individual into forced suicide or mass violence.  They incorporate civilians and confidential informants to follow the targeted person from point A to point B on a daily basis.  This behavior includes words, colors, hand signals and detailed facts concerning the targeted person via texting or twitter.  It gives the impression the targeted person is being constantly monitored; perpetuating the crime that will be purposely covered-up.  They even formed an organization, Freedom from Covert Harrasment and Surveillance (, that falsely assists targeted individuals with information that will make them appear crazy or advice that will eventually get them killed.  For instance, the staff will recommend the target wrap their cell phones in tin foil before they leave their homes, suggest moving to largely populated cities and "lose" themselves. Under those conditions the authorities will have an ample supply of citizen drones they can utilize at their discretion for attacks and murder.

Some of the major mass shootings under the conditions of Organized Stalking are the Columbine Massacre; Virginia Tech shooting; Sandy Hook shooting; Philadelphia D.A. Intern stabbing (; The Navy Yard shooting in Washington, DC; the Immigration Center shooting in Binghamton (, New York; Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting and all of the United States Postal shootings.  Many of these individuals such as the Virginia Tech shooter, Colorado shooter and Sandy Hook had a mental illness discovered during their invasive eavesdropping techniques.  The government watches and listens through bots attached to downloads such as pdf files, Word documents and the Tor Browser, recording and processing the information for later scrutiny.  Through their illegal evasdropping the government obtainsfactual information and dispenses via the authorities against the targeted person through a psychological attack involving civilians who live and work around the target.  For instance, when listening to the radio a favorite song will come on and this is known turning it up louder or singing along privately.  That information is given to the authorities who tell everyone around the target to play the song constantly.  Such as playing the tune over in the grocery store, Walmart, Best Buy or wherever the target goes during their day to day shopping errands.  Online activities are compromised such as changing email passwords to frustrate the target, stealing credit cards numbers from online purchases, wearing clothing that the target may have ordered form an online catalog the day after the purchase and even repeating words and phrases the target said during a private conversation.  There are other examples of psychological attacks which can be revealed in detail at a later date if required. 

Overall these Organized Stalking or Gang Stalking campaigns are initiated to not only neutralize the targeted person but condition the people to conform and condone, as normal behavior, criminal actions against civilians by the state.  The authorities have to appear flawless, their reputations unsullied, in order for this pending police state apparatus to be properly engaged.  Total compliance, by civilians, within the beginning stages of a dictatorship must be fortefied through coercian of the constant presence of the police in their daily lives.  Through that intrusion, the state can begin to cultivate their ideals and manifestation of lies as truth towards the masses who embrace a mindset of being entertained rather than being informed.  The state destabalizes the law in general and replaces it with an aberration of the law that's more related to police state justice.  The eventual outcome of Organized Stalking campaigns is always pushing for tighter gun control legislation.   The removal of guns will allow for an easier transition into a dictatorship to cover the inevitable collapse of the dollar and with it the economy.

An article entitle Gang Stalking and the Federal Bureau of Inversion can be found at Disturbing Anomalies: