Organized Stalking Lexicon

They use a color coded system to communicate the presence of the stalkers as well as

coded messages the authorities want known to their victim.  From my personal experience

the messages and symbols are presented:

Red:  This means anger.

Black: In their lexicon always means death.  It’s not unusual to have civilian lackeys

follow the target around with a black dog.  It’s routine in my personal experience

every where I have been in the last decade

Black and Blue:  This means the Blue Code of Silence and death.  The police may

feel the need to murder anyone who breaks their code.

Silver and Black: Silver is a reminder of the color of a car and  black symbolizes death

as a psychological conditioning at all times to remain silent.

Yellow: This means coward or weakling.  It is to convey a proposed weakness of the


Green: This means money and not to pursue any legal action or profit making venture

from the knowledge derived from the experience.

Walking Across the Street:  This means crossing authority and is often accompanied

by colors such as a red cap and black coat, shirt, pants and pulling a black or red

luggage bag on wheels.  It is done while waiting for the target via cell phone

communications and twitter accounts.

Standing on the curb:  This is demonstrated by individuals, usually police officers in

uniform, to insinuate that they will convince and manipulate individuals in society to

drive their cars up and over the curb to hit and murder the victim/target that has been

signaled out by the authorities as a troublemaker and a problem that has to be


Smoke:  This is done simply by an individual, male or female, staring at the target and

smoking a cigarette.  It’s meant to convey an incident in the country of Ireland where

an American writer was asked by two young men for a cigarette and subsequently

was attacked, beaten and had his neck broken.

Walking with crutches:  This is done constantly by men, women and children in the

presence of the target.  The exact nature of this message is unknown presently so to

speculate would be counter productive.

Displaying numbers:  There are numerous numbers displayed within this category;

therefore a sub­category is essential within this grouping.  Two: This is done

through hand signals such as the two­fingered peace signal.  It’s meant to display

that there were two witnesses to the crime and subsequent cover­up.   Ten:  The

number appears throughout the campaign and means a determined

amount of time the target lives.  Five: In my stalking campaign five means four

people were killed because of this specific targeting and I will be the fifth in line for

death and or at least destruction.  Mind this lexicon often changes with the victims

that the authorities have singled out for destruction.

Organized Stalking Protocol

Car Accidents:  This is one of the most dangerous and deadly displays of Organized

Stalking.  The police manipulate through their authority car accidents involving

civilians who think they are doing something patriotic.  The inclusion clause makes

some individuals feel they are part of a much bigger plan that will assist the

community.  Some of these people will even commit murder/suicide for their

outlandish view of what’s right and wrong within their society.

Vehicular Homicide:  Many individuals involved in Organized Stalking are told that the

target is a troublemaker, a pest, a basic criminal and needs to be unveiled as such

and kept under control. The perpetrators of Organized Stalking are instructed, by the

local police, to back their cars into the target via twitter/cell phone exchanges that

are aptly timed for maximum damage.  Some perps, under the influence and

direction of the authorities, will cross­over lanes and deliberately create a head on

collision with the target or the target’s family members.  They even back their cars

into the victim pretending not to see them.     They will use twitter to communicate

their attacks under the direct influence of the authorities.

Assaults:  The authorities will use a chain of perpetrators to engage willfully acts of

physical violence; they are “pushed” into extremes to include shootings and


Poisoning:  The poisoning of the target/victim is done through civilian lackeys who are

too intimidated, at the mercy of the police, manipulated by them to the point of

believing they are doing something patriotic or the inclusion clause the authorities

cover their civilian drones with to the point of ethical distraction and ultimate


The crime works depending on the demographics, the more blue collar­working class

along with minorities and immigrants it becomes very dangerous in terms of physical

violence and car “accidents”.

A video explaining Gang Stalking from a targeted person: